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Graphic design and Web development

We design websites that attract visitors, clearly communicate your message and increase sales. Simply.

We are Business Catalyst, Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly, Drupal and other common CMS  or database driven developers. We dont just install - we create custom functionality (Apps) as well as design our own templates. We also code and build secure, bespoke onlne applications at a fraction of the cost of other London Web Developers.

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We provide comprehensive, affordable support packages to all our clients, so you can concentrate on what you do best, and leave the rest to us!

We have many client's, whose sites we didn't build. Often, we are contacted by people who are dissatisfied with the level of support service they are currently receiving and we are able to step in and provide them with the business web support they need. Having been involved in coding since 1980's you can rely on us to know coding inside out, we also work in almost any commercial or open-source platform as well as developing our own CMS.

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Open Source, CMS, Bespoke System Experts.
We have been bespoke coding since 1980's. We are specialised developers, and provide high level business support.

Inbound Marketing

The methodology of putting the customer first in all marketing techniques

A good Inbound Marketing content strategy takes time. At its outset its takes time researching and building qualitative, quantitative data customer profiles. Thats where we come in. We align your social media, and content, email marketing messages with your customer personas.

Reporting, analysis, refinement needs to be a constant process of development to continue to improve your visitor experience. We have developed a simple methodology to do this. Not only do we understand this, but we are qualified experts in Inbound Marketing.

Attracting specific website visitors, allows you to focus on marketing. By understanding target customer needs, you naturally develop content that keeps your your website visitors interested, and focussed.

We design landing pages with relevant content, clear calls to action, and direct navigation. We follow that by tracked email marketing campaigns and then refine based on quantitative analysis. We keep your content  regularly updated with relevant, unique and interesting data. 

We help report and establish a social media policy and strategy so that your company message and brand image is both stategically prominent and uniform throughout all platforms.

Qualified Inbound Marketing - Inbound Marketing Experts

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Did you know that your brain is hard wired to process image data 60,000 times quicker than text so why dont you liven up your content with an infographic, or ask us to custom design one for you?

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

The essential online Sales toolkit for terrified cold callers!

Search Engine Optimisation-SEO

You think I'm joking. But believe me - I had to learn SEO -fast - because I used to really suck at sales calls! I prefer converting our visitors into customers than picking up that phone any day. That's why we learnt how to rank at No 1 for "business catalyst london".

SEO, when combined with unique content, creates a website that search engines can understand, properly index, and connect the pages of your site with search queries that visitors want to visit.

Optimised, visual content generates quality inbound links. Traffic and Page rank increases. Therefore, it makes sense that you get more sales. So sale's and ROI, naturally increase when SEO is combined with Inbound Marketing.

Our SEO optimisation consists of several processes. Before starting your campaign we get under the hood and look and undertake a full on/off site audit and see how optimised your website currently is for search engines. But primarily we ensure that your site is as user friendly for humans using PC's and mobiles, as it is for search engines.

Because we want your website to increase sales for you, we use thorough conversion optimisation techniques and strategic A/B testing. By using inbound marketing methodology we test different landing pages, colours, forms, buttons, links, calls to actions and more to see which converts the most visitors into sales.

We also provide Local SEO, and incorporate SCHEMA OPEN GRAPH metadata (data used by both humans and search engines that describes other data) into blog and template content for enhanced campaigns.

We focus your content strategy and marketing budget more effectively.

A successful SEO campaign is never a sprint. Its a marathon. The better we prepare, the more successful you will be.


"Having a professional SEO out source partner, like EC1 Solutions, is a very important element of financial success. Since working with Rachel our customer acquisition process has shifted dramatically. Previously we were generating 90% of our business through expensive outbound sales calls, now more than 50% come from relevant inquiries via our website. As a result, our customer COA has halved in the last three months."

Dale Knight, CTO at One Utility Bill

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10 DIY SEO tips to increase your UK website traffic

Our Experts

"Very knowledgable, communicative, and practical."

Raicheal Gallagher: London Web Developers


Shawn Kimberley: London Web Design


Dale Knight: Web Design Newcastle


Bug Blakesley: Business Web Developer BOSS!


We focus on your customer to bring you online success.

EC1 Solutions are proud to be a family run business. We are the only 3rd generation of software & web developers, and also digital online marketing agency who continue to deliver innovative, user-orientated web solutions and the technological advancements required by today's successful online businesses and entrepreneurs.

Raicheal has recently gained a pass at disinction level in Diploma in Business Online Digital Marketing from The Shaw Academy. A second generation software designer, now in her role as Senior Project Manager, Raicheal is usually the first person you meet. She will use her years of experience analysis and discovery skills to define your business marketing strategy and key metrics. Also our resident SEO expert she builds social media strategies, that drive targetted visitors to your website, increase website conversions, and create organic link building through on / off site SEO optimisation. Raicheal heads the project and coding teams.

Shawn is both in-house design and script guru, and the resident trainer. He’s both genius enough to build you a beautiful, effective website, and patient enough to teach you how to use it. All our developers use the latest technology and can choose to work from home. Shawn works from the cave house in Spain, prefering the 10 foot thick walls to block out mobile signals so he gets to work with fewer interruptions. Plain speaking and a tenatious problem solver! Shawn heads the design team, as he has a very keen eye for detail.

Dale, Shawn’s son, is the Media Guru. He's the "Can do!" kinda person, with a cheerful attitude,who doesn't believe in the word "impossible." Dale is mainly based in Newcastle, where he has quite a following as he is also a successful musician and therefore designs a lot of websites for upcoming bands. Recently running training courses for young musicians to build their own websites. Currently studing for his commerical pilots license in his spare time, Dale's forte is video and animations as well as an excellent in-house photographer. Moving to Granada, Spain in 2015, Dale will regularly commute between Ibiza and Newcastle to support clients.

EC1 Solutions also have an enthuastic team of part time experts. These lovely guys, and lasses work remotely with us whilst also completing studies, travelling the world, and voluteering. Hand picked for their sense of adventure, thirst for new knowledge, and dedication to specific projects. We believe working freedom is what the internet is all about. 

Bug? Well Bug is simply The Boss. A mongrel who repeatedly broke in through the cat-flap in Spain, without conscience, and is now the in-cave therapist and timekeeper. We hope her team does not expand anytime soon and have made the cat flap narrower. 

Why choose us?

What makes us different from other web design agencies is that you'll never see a Sales Team.

We only accept a select number of new business clients each year, and normally they are recommended to us by existing clients or collegues. We believe that the world does not need yet another generalist design firm. There are enough full service web design agencies who we will happily recommend if we feel we are not a good fit for your project.

Our teams of experts will only specialise in online solutions, for established businesses, who are serious and committed to long term business development. Our experts do this through comprehensive research and online stategies promoting organic and quantative growth. But if we work with you, rest assured, we guarantee to pull out all the stops to bring you online business success. This is why we have an astonishing high client retention rate.

Why? Part of the reason is our promise to customers:

Most important, WE DON'T BITE! (..well 3 out of 4 anyway!) We’re friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. If you are serious about online business success and you think we might be a good fit, let’s get in touch now.

In a RUSH? Need a Custom Theme/Template? Got some ideas? Use our In-house design team - Delivered in approx 4 or 5 days!

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